If you want to trade Forex, you need to first get education on Forex and do more practice on demo account. You wouldn't want to risk your hard earn money on something that you don't understand or have enough knowledge.

Is it easy to make money trading Forex?

Well, mostly failed. This is because of the FEAR and GREAD factor. Most traders trade with emotions and that could cause you to lose thousands of dollars.

With the skills and knowledge from a Forex Trading Course, you could minimize your emotions trading and have more confidence in the accuracy of your analysis before doing a trade.

You may be tempted to use Trading robots (expert advisors) and not learning much from a Forex Trading Course. My advice is not to look at trading robots as they are not reliable and you may lose much of the money. Well, trading robots trade the market on your behalf 24 hours a day for 5 trading days. That sounds great but could you really trust the trading robots. The market is just too complex for any trading robot. It is best to be educated and make your own judgement.

Thus, do lookout for a good trading course but could you find out which is the best. Well, you have to decide on your own because no one will be able to tell as no one attended all the Forex courses you could find. However, good testimonials are a good start. Are the students able to produce good results and prove that they work?

Some other factors to look into a course includes:

a. Are they easy to understand?

The course should give step-by-step procedure that you can easily follow to enter trades with exact entry and exit criteria.

b. Is the instructor a well-known Forex professional?

c. Is the support service good?

It should provide good customer support and forums.

d. Is there a daily or weekly alert service?

By looking at the alert which tells you exact entry and exit price levels and what strategy is used, you will be able to learn whether you can identify those trades yourself correctly.

e. Any weekly tutorials?

This will definitely help to you understand how to use the strategies to identify trades better. Once you start learning to trade Forex, remember to trade in a demo account till you feel that you are ready for a live account.

All the best in your learning to trade Forex.