Try searching the keyword phrase Forex MegaDroid through Google and you will see that more than 3.5 million people have searched it online using Google search engine alone; and you might be wondering what the fuss all about this forex robot is because among the thousands in the market today it is very popular and the most in demand. All robots we have in the market are effective and they have their uses, but the Forex MegaDroid is different because it has many special features making it one of the top three robots in the currency market today. Here are the unique features of this software which earned it the name bionic robot in the market today.

Ninety percent accuracy rate

This software is known and proven to have very high accuracy rate in trading. It is attributed to the fact that it only does trading twice in a week and only trades Euro and US currencies. It spends more time analyzing market trends hence; accuracy rate is higher compared to other forex robots in the market today.


Users of this software have observed that it is very reliable in helping traders gain profits consistently. Some software in the market are only good in the beginning and their ability to make lucrative deals decrease as time goes by because they are not adaptable to market trends.


The makers of the Forex MegaDroid added a built-in mechanism that allows the robot to work on a stealth mode so that it will be undetectable to forex brokers while its users are earning profits.

Artificial Intelligence

This forex robot has the RCPTA (Reverse Correlated Price Time Analysis) technology that makes it unique compared to other robots in the market and also gives it an edge. The RCPTA allows the robot to be adaptable and to evolve with current market trends. This robot learns from mistakes and takes note of past failures so that it will not make the same mistakes again. Other software only work in certain market conditions unlike the Forex MegaDroid that can work in whatever market condition even if the economy is unpredictable and gloomy like today.

User Friendly

The Forex MegaDroid is very easy to download compared to other software because it literally only takes five minutes to download and it is very good for beginners in currency trading because it is easy to use and all a trader has to do is plug it, activate the program and it will work on its own. It is hassle free because users will not encounter issues common to other forex robots.