Crypto derivatives volume more than triples spot trading

The digital asset industry as a whole looks significantly different than it did three years ago. A Wild West-esque year, 2017 boasted astronomical asset price increases and booming fundraises amid underdeveloped regulation. Some elements of 2017, such as initial coin offerings, have largely died off. Other niches, such as derivatives trading, have since experienced watershed growth, as noted in a recent report from United States crypto exchange, Kraken.

“Beginning with pioneers like Crypto Facilities, BitMEX, Deribit, BitVC (now HuobiDM), and OKCoin (now OKEx), deriviatives trading in crypto markets really took hold in 2017, dovetailing the entrance of traditional incumbents like the CME and CBOE,” Kraken's November report, “The Tail Wags the Dog: An Evolution of ,” said.