Cointelegraph Consulting: Deep diving with Ethereum whales

Covalent’s latest findings in Cointelegraph Consulting’s biweekly newsletter investigates the anatomy of Ether (ETH) whales. The data indicates that the top 10 ETH-only whales consistently hold roughly 5 million ETH, with the largest whale accumulating more than 25% of the capital. The wallet address of the largest whale, much like the other seven whales in the ranking, is relatively young as they only started buying in 2019.

Apart from the amount of Ethereum that the whales hold, another defining characteristic of the group is its investment behavior pattern: It goes long on its assets and, probably, on the ecosystem itself. Neither have the whales sold any significant portion of ETH throughout the life of their addresses nor have they transacted with their ETH. Unsurprisingly, four out of the 10 whales bought more Ether in the last year.