NASDAQ index continues to falter

As the NASDAQ index falls -0.83% and trades near its lows for the day, the Dow industrial average just reached a new all time high at 32010.25. The high surpassed the previous high from February at 32009.64.

The new record was only by the smallest of margins. The price is currently trading down at 31976.38. That is still up 480 points on the day, but sellers clearly are leaning against the previous high. Earlier in the day the high price reached 32004 and rotated lower. This recent high took out the intraday high and the all-time high but only by a few points.

Disney continues to lead the charge to the upside. It is up 4.92% and is pushing against the $200 level. Apple is leading to the downside with a -3% decline in trades at the lowest level in 3 months.

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