Most stock benchmarks rise Monday morning, but technology shares were under pressure, after the Federal Reserve's signaled last week that it may raise rates sooner than investors previously expected. See full story.

Investors are growing more fearful of a Fed mistake

Stocks have slipped, and bonds have rallied, since the Federal Reserve unexpectedly forecast two interest rate hikes in 2023, and one regional Fed president said the first increase could come next year. See full story.

The tiny, $1 chip that is behind record price increases for computers

While the recent chip shortage makes most consumers think it must be microprocessors – the brains of personal computers – that are causing the most recent supply headaches, it turns out that a tiny, $1 chip is wreaking the most havoc in the PC market. See full story.

‘The house is truly in deplorable condition’: My sister moved into our late mother’s home in 2010. How do we get her out?

‘When repairs are needed, which is often, she gets a church she knows to do the work as a charitable activity.’
See full story.

We have $1.6 million but most is locked in our 401(k) plans — how can we retire early without paying so much in taxes?

Have a question about your retirement, including where to live? Email See full story.


Last year, California experienced five of the six largest fires in the state’s history. The dynamics in the housing market mean that history could repeat itself. See full story.

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