Moneymaking schemes are sprouting up all over the Internet day in and day out, promising overnight success at the push of a button. There are a number of hidden dangers in some of these get rich quick schemes, so I’ve put together an article for you in an effort to open your eyes to the dangers of one such piece of Forex trading software.

FAP TURBO was released on 25 November 2008. Too good to be true? Well the FAP Turbo isn’t the first Forex software system to be hailed as the best invention to trade Forex currency pairs on-line in the comfort of your own home.

Claims of limitless and effortless trading on autopilot this product speaks of as it tries to promotes itself on the Forex market should really be viewed in perspective.

Here’s why:

The only way to find out for sure would obviously be to try it and test it yourself, but without being influenced by all the heavy marketing and fancy testimonials brandishing it’s web-page, if you look beneath the gloss here I think is a candid report of what it offers:

On the upside, there is always a 60 day money back guarantee with this program, so if it doesn’t work for you you can obviously get your money back.

Their front page is dangerously persuasive though so if this is influencing your purchasing decision here’s what the FAP Turbo has to offer:

Quite simply, an autopilot system that scalps trades effortlessly for you on their server once your take profit and stop loss margins have been input.

That’s it really. No mention of the nature of their accounts, which brokers determine the software’s predictability, just a claim which states that 95% plus of OTC trading delivers return.

From where and how do they prove these facts, does it have N.F.A approval, do they offer guidance and help to FAQ’s over the telephone or through email?

All these questions are simply too difficult to ascertain given what little clarity they offer so bold methods of wealthy gain using this system should be taken lightly.

The FAP Turbo could be considered a ruthless machine, but it has no conscience and just keeps moving on so without any prior knowledge of how to place your margins it would be unwise to invest in such a system.

Therefore, rushing into the decision to purchase the FAP Turbo software would be too risky without any outside expert advice.