I believe that when the first share of stock was traded on the stock market, there was probably somebody else offering advice on what to trade.

Obviously, trading has changed a lot since then. With the advent of technology and the internet, everybody has become a lot more accessible to everybody else. We can trade any kind of market we want to, without much restriction. If you are a day trader, then chances are you are trading the S&P emini. This market has increased by leaps and bounds throughout the years. Because of this there are a ton of emini signal providers.

If you are about to find the right signal provider, your trading can improve by leaps and bounds. The problem is actually finding a quality provider. For every good provider, there are probably 9 or 10, which are less than stellar, to say the least.

So what are some of the important things you have to look at when choosing an emini signal provider.

Well….it's important to know that they have been around for a while. You've got way too many companies that are up and running one day and non-existent the very next day. You need to know that you've chosen a company that can be trusted.

Also, look at their contact information. See if there is a phone number. If they really care about their customers, they will have a phone number that you can call.

Make sure that they have profitable track record. See if they show you how profitable/unprofitable their past trades have been.

These are just some of the things you have to look at when choosing an emini signal service.