EUR/AUD surged further to 1.6128 last week but retreated since then. Initial bias remains neutral this week for some consolidations first. Overall, near term outlook stays bullish as long as 1.5773 support holds. On the upside, break of 1.6128 will resume the rise from 1.5250, as a correction to fall from 1.9799, to 1.6827 resistance next.

In the bigger picture, current development argues that a medium term bottom is formed at 1.5250, on bullish convergence condition in daily MACD. Rise from 1.5250 is seen as a correction to the down trend from 1.9799 first. Stronger rise would be seen to 38.2% retracement of 1.9799 to 1.5250 at 1.6988 next. This will remain the favored case for now, as long as 1.5614 support holds.

In the longer term picture, rise from 1.1602 (2012 low) should have already completed with three waves up to 1.9799 (2020 high). Fall from there is seen as a medium term to long term down leg as a long term down trend, or a sideway pattern. We’ll assess the odds again at a later stage.

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