Swing area on daily between 1.1695 to 1.1710

The EURUSD is higher on the week and in the process is moving above a swing area defined by swing lows going back to the end of July in the 1.1695 to 1.1710 area. 

Last week, the price moved below that area but found support buyers near a lower channel trend line on Thursday, Friday of last week and again on Monday.   On Tuesday this week, the price moved above that area and closed above each of the last three days. The price is currently above the area at 1.1713. 

The move back above that area gives the buyers the control. Stay above in the new trading week would be more bullish. Move below, and we could see a shift back to the downside.

On the topside, a topside channel trend line cuts across at 1.1780 (and moving lower).  Move above, and the buyers take back more control.  

The low for the week was on Monday at 1.1614. The high was on Thursday at 1.1769. The range of 155 is near the low end since April. The low range has been 112 to 286.  So overall a low volatility week for the pair. 

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