If you inquire or search online about the leading trading robots used by most currency traders, you will surely find out that FAP Turbo is one of them. This is because ever since it was release by its developers in the Forex market, traders who tried this amazing product have consistently succeed in every trade that they have engaged. This fact can be read in many testimonies, feed backs, articles, blogs, and more in the web, and you will surely find out more about this Forex robot.

But there are also others that complain that what other successful entrepreneurs and the creators of this robot have claimed are not true since they are not doing well with their trades. And looking closely to their complaints, the only problem is that they have not learned the importance of adjusting the setting of this trading software.

One main role of a currency trader like you is to adjust the setting of this Forex trading robot in order to match the right pattern or condition of the trading market. The currency trading environment is very erratic so your Forex trading robot needs to be versatile and flexible. With the FAP Turbo, you have many setting that you can choose from in order to perfectly fit for the current market condition.

There are two main settings that will greatly affect on how you make profit. Primarily, the short-term trading mode is one setting that best suits to newbies who have no experience, having less knowledge and less skill in this line of business. This is because it is less risky since it only engaged in small scale trades in which you can easily win. Even though it is not too profitable, you will still enjoy the adequate amount of cash you will earn in every trade.

Then, the second setting which is the long-term trading mode is for those who are already experts and have the capability and confidence to win risky and long duration trading. In this kind of trading, you will earn huge profits but you need to be prepared for all necessary things that you need.