Forex trading is an excellent way of earning good income sitting in the comfort of your home. Trading is better of now; forex trading has become less demanding with the coming of forex robots.

Before now, the forex market was dominated completely by the big banks and financial institutions, giving no room for individual members of the society to participate, except for the exceptionally affluent members of the society. However, the advent of internet broke the barrier and small investors can now participate in the benefits and earning opportunities offered by currency trading. The introduction of automated currency trading robots have further opened the door and made forex trading so simple; two famous forex robots have also aid FX trading immensely – FAP Turbo and Forex Megadroid.

A lot of forex robots out there have made impressive impacts in forex trading in forex trading. But some of them might not offer some features such as the RCPTA feature. When looking for an effective forex robot to use for your forex trading, take time to look for programs with improved features.

Since it's entrant into the market, Fap Turbo forex robot has performed well both in back testing and live account. There's high rate of success and good chances of recouping an investment greatly with the use of this forex robot. Besides, this software is user-friendly and does not require expertise to be used. However, some users might have a little issue with the scalping feature of Fap turbo which is likely to flop on one of those wild trading moments. However, these wild days can be handled by this software to offer better result. In all, this auto trading program has produced satisfactory results.

With the coming of Forex Megadroid in March 2009, some features in the Fap turbo robot were improved; and traders now have the features in Forex Megadroid to make up for any feature they probably might not find in he previous robot. The latter rorex robot possesses high accuracy of market condition prediction and is capable of adapting to any market condition. A technology that performs optimally (RCPTA) has been used in the fashioning of the Forex Megadroid.

Fap Turbo and Forex Megadroid trading robots are capable of producing profitable earnings over a short space of time. Learn more about the two forex trading robots under review.