As a novice trader I was looking at forex education on the net and looking to buy course and found one that’s perfect for novices. It’s easy to understand, easy to apply and it makes profits. Let’s review it.

The first thing I liked about the course was it was not just a sequence of numbers or an equation – it actually explains the logic behind the numbers and told me why and how the patterns develop. Anyone who wants to buy the course gets 2 PDFs free (you don’t even have to give your email) which I thought was confident- the author obviously thinks people will come back! And after reading the 60 pages I can see why.

The PDF’s were written so traders know exactly what it takes to become a successful trader. The first one explained the mindset you need to succeed and the second why the bulk of traders lose. These are quite simply two of the best PDFs on trader psychology I have read and tempted me to buy the course. When I got the course I read through it – its easy too understand and is simply based around support and resistance and the velocity of price, to time entry – hence its name, The Velocity Breakout System or VBM for short.

The courses main theme is that you need to trade using valid support and resistance but you can’t predict if levels will hold or break – if you do you are hoping and if you hope or guess, you will lose. The course is big on trading price momentum – If price momentum supports the set up trade it – if it doesn’t, forget it.

Does it work?

I have found that I have made good profits overall and made 57% on my account equity in 4 months, on 3 trades, so it’s worked for me and I am confident using it. A word of caution with the course is – it doesn’t suit traders who like action. The VBM set ups only come around a few times a month but as the course says – the aim is to make money and that doesn’t rely on trading frequently.

Furthermore, it is up to you to set the money management parameters and this is simple but results will vary. Keep in mind this is not just a number sequence you apply blindly, you customize the basics the way you like them, in line with your trading personality and risk tolerance. All in all, it’s easy to understand and apply, all the logic is fully explained and it’s a great system for novices and traders who want to take a system and make it their own.

As the course points out – you don’t make money unless you understand the logic and from this understanding flows confidence and discipline and these traits as we all know are essential to success. I have had the lots of systems and tried them but never stuck with them as they were number sequences and I had no confidence – the key to the VBM is you understand the logic and that gives you the confidence to follow the system.

Another great thing I liked about the course was even before I bought it and had just downloaded the initial PDFs, my queries were answered promptly and in great detail. The reason for this is the guys who wrote the course are traders NOT just e-book sellers. What I loved was the daily weekly and special situations reports the guys post on the website. They show what their doing and help you spot the set ups for two months free which I thought was a nice touch and helped me really get into the system.

The reports were easy to understand and the set ups clear and while I followed it, the guys were calling the big trends as well and obviously making money. All in all if you want a great course, that is easy to understand and profitable, then the VBM is a good start and unlike many other courses, it doesn’t claim you will be success, thats down to you. – As the authors say, we will give you the tools but you need to pick them up and use them. I have and made some great profits and highly recommend this course.

One final point – get the free PDF’s even if you don’t buy the course there a great freebie and you can download them without giving an email or any of your details.