Forex Auto Money is one of the most used trading signal generating providers in the world today. They have thousands of traders who subscribe to their service and try it out.

The way Forex AutoMoney works is very simple: you sign up to their service and they supply you with trading signals for various time frames and currency pairs. What you need to do is to trade according to their suggested signals.

Naturally, you make the final decision of whether or not to place the trade. This is a half-automatic system: you get the signals but place the trades yourself.

What are the pros and cons of Forex AutoMoney?


  • You can try it out for a small sum of $4.95
  • You get trading signals for many currency pairs
  • You get signals for different time frames
  • It’s simple to use
  • They have many excellent testimonials
  • They offer a money back guarantee
  • You can easily test them out on a demo account before trading real money


  • Using such a service doesn’t teach you anything about Forex
  • In certain market conditions, this service is not as accurate as they advertise
  • You become dependent on a specific service and don’t become an independent trader

How do you make sure that you make the most of Forex Auto Money?

First of all, test them out yourself on a demo account. This is a step you have to take with any new system. Take time to test them as you want to be sure that you know how to work with them. Don’t judge them on a single trade.

Second, make sure to try and learn from their successful trades and from their losing trades as well. Try to develop you trading skills.

Third, always trade with a tight stop loss to make sure your losses are controlled.