Whether you're a Forex currency trader beginner or an FX trading pro, if you're like most successful traders, you want to make the most money while taking the fewest risks. How can you learn to do that?

Having superior knowledge and knowing how to use it can help you win this challenging game. One way to gain that knowledge is by finding a pro and seeing if he'll teach you how he trades. If you could, would you want that pro to show you, step-by-step, how you can become a successful trader too?

It's rare, but sometimes you can find exactly that in a Forex trading course.

A great FX trading course should offer good, solid advice along with proven step-by-step processes that will show you what to trade, the amount of money you should risk, where to enter your trades, and where to take your profits or cut your losses.

Choosing the wrong course will cost you more than time. Choose wrong and you will probably lose a lot of money when you trade.

But there is a problem and that is, because of the Internet, you have so many options – so many courses and so much software available. How can you choose the best? How do you know which ones are junk?

What if you can find a mentor with years of experience trading as an “insider” who is willing to teach you to trade at a very reasonable cost?

And what if he or she would be willing to divulge tactics they used when they traded for major financial institutions and still use today for trading their own account? Do you think that would be worth your time and money?

If so, you will want to take a look at Forex Confidant.

Forex Confidant – Written by a Chief Trader for a Major European Bank

Thomas Strigano, an accomplished Chief Trader for a major European bank started his career with Deutsche Bank and now manages his own account. He is the author of “Forex Confidante”, which he wrote with both the complete novice and the seasoned trader in mind.

He wrote it because he was (and still is) tired of Forex Trading being touted as a get rich quick scheme.

It's not. It requires study. However, if you take the time to study valid trading strategies it can change your life.

Some Highlights of Forex Confidante

Within his manual he divulges essential information about how to trade currencies using technical analysis. He offers 13 Confidential Golden Rules of Forex Trading that teach you money management and what you must know about entering and exiting trades.

He teaches you about risk and risk management and gives you his specific rules about what percentage of your overall capital you should risk per trade and how to adjust those percentages when you have successive wins or losses.

 In Forex Confidant, Tom Strigano starts with the basics – the bid-offer spread – and proceeds through a unique way of determining proper support and resistance lines.

He then shows you exactly how to project where you will take your profits or cut your losses short.

And, finally, he introduces you to his proprietary trading system – the one that he used in the banking arena for over 9 years. This is the system he now uses to trade his own personal account. He actually takes you through a number of trading days and shows you what he did and why he did it.