Forex Confidante is an FX trading software application created by Thomas Strigano, an ex-bank trader who is now willing to share the investment secrets formerly seen as privy information available to banking investors. Forex Confidante is not a trading system based on an automated robot; instead, Strigano, a former Chief investor for a bank in Italy who is recognized as a prestigious member of the banking industry, is now revealing how to make real money with the currency market. This system reveals years of investing practices formerly kept hidden by the banking industry.

Strigano now teaches the currency investor why automated systems and trading robots should be avoided, while simultaneously educating the investor about a truly powerful method of currency trading. Investors get access to Strigano's eBook, Forex Confidante, where they will learn the secrets of the foreign exchange trading market. Investors learn how to identify what the FX market is telling them to do, how to target market gaps, and they also get access to a blueprint which will give them the chance to generate a six figure income. This application also illustrates how to win more than 95 percent of trades without any type of financial risk.

This trading system makes it possible to make as much as $3100.00 in just three days time and the writings set forth in the book are easy to comprehend and implement. Forex Confidante introduces the trader to 14 golden rules of currency trading, the psychology of trading, and the secrets that will make the investor a powerful investor. Strigano is an expert adviser that is helping millions get in on the hottest investment opportunities presently available; the eBook contains more than a hundred pages jam packed with insightful trading information.