In the world of Forex and Currency trading there are many terms and buzz words associated with the industry. This is so prolific that even many of the Currency pairs themselves actually have nicknames.

Some traders (and non-traders) know some of the most popular nicknames as they are quite obvious however many of them are more obscure. Some of the most popular ones, including our favorite, are listed below:

AUDUSD – Not only the people from Australia are called Aussies the Currency (and specifically the US Dollar vs the Australian Dollar Currency pair) also carries the same jovial name

EURGBP – The Chunnel (the Channel tunnel) transport link between the UK and France (Europe) is affectionately used for the Euro/Sterling (EURGBP) Currency pair

EURJPY – Nothing obvious here for the Euro Yen Currency pair other than Euppy sounds like it looks

EURUSD – Two reasons on offer here, EURUSD (the Euro US Dollar Currency pair) is known as Fiber for the same reason as GBPUSD is known as Cable but more popular (and the one we prefer) is the fact that the currency is not actually made from paper but from fibre

GBPUSD – Probably the most common and well know of all the Currency Nicknames is Cable, so named because of the cable running under the Atlantic which is used for speedy communication between the UK (GBP/Sterling) and the US (USD/US Dollar)

GBPJPY – The Sterling Yen Currency pair is simply known as the Gopher

NZDUSD – The national bird of New Zealand the Kiwi is the name the currency has also adopted

USDCAD – The “Loon” is actually a bird which is printed on the Canadian 1 Dollar coin and for this reason the currency is nicknamed the Loonie

USDCHF – Nothing fancy or imaginative here, as the Swiss Franc is referred to as the Swissy

USDJPY – Our personal favorite, the Ninja is used for the USDJPY (US Dollar Japanese Yen) Currency pair

The above list is of course not the complete list as it does not include every single Currency pair there is. To seek out and identify all of them would probably take us forever. However, we do believe we have covered the most popular and common ones.

So, now the next time you are discussing Forex or Currency trading and someone mentions the “Loonie” although they may be referring to you – It may not be the case at all.