More traders than ever, are trading Forex these days, but the truth of the matter is than only 5% of Forex Traders are actually profitable.

So there is a real demand out there among Forex traders to learn how to manually trade Currency Pairs, rather than rely on Forex Trading Robot Systems, that they have no understand.

Who is the Forex Interval Trading System for

Successful long-term Forex trading relies on the trader to evolve with the market, with Trading Techniques, Money & Position Management and Trader Mindset.

So experienced Forex Trader, Scott Downing developed the Forex Interval Trading System home study to teach Currency Traders how to trade successfully in the Forex Market. The home study was developed with both Beginners and Advanced traders in mind, with a basic tutorial to introduce newbies to trading forex, progressing through to more advanced content for the more knowledgeable Forex Traders.

In-Depth Forex Trading Videos

The Forex Fit system includes training videos, that give an introduction to the Forex Markets, through to more advanced topics such as the FIT System itself, Money management and Trader Mindset.

Capture the BigTrends

The Forex Interval Trading System has easy to follow Technical setup and confirmation criteria to help traders in identify and capture the bigtrends that can yield hundreds of pips. Scott also teaches methods to lock in profits on the way, and eventually signal to the trader when to get out.

Analyze and Place Trades in less than 5 minutes

The Forex FIT System home study promises to uncover methods that will enable you to analyze and place ‘high probability' trades in as less than 5 minutes. So if this sound good, then this Forex Interval trading System may be for you.