In the past I have written about the Forex trading software called Forex Killer, and have campaigned highly as regards the reliability and accuracy of the signals generated by this wonderful piece of software by Andreas Kirchberger. The possibilities with the Forex Killer software are endless, but in the hands of a complete Forex beginner it might backfire like an old and rusted gun. Nine times out of ten you read reviews of people screaming to high heavens how they have been ripped off and how Forex Killer is a pile of lies and … Ironically you will find that these people are complete beginners to Forex trading without any prior knowledge or practice (not even with a dummy account). Well yeah the sales page clearly states that you do not need to be a professional to use the software but using the software will not help you rid yourself of certain bad habits which will eventually lead to your pitfall. Most Forex beginners find it difficult to sit still once they see they are in profit and find it even more difficult apply a stop loss and stick to it.

Forex Killer might be a mechanical method of Forex trading that removes every emotion from your trading, but as a beginner Forex Trader who does not know how to control fear and anxiety as relates to trading you might it find it a bit difficult to trust and follow the signals without tampering with your trade. In Forex trading it is important to have the discipline and self control to follow a particular strategy or system and this applies particularly to using the Forex Killer.

As a Forex beginner who has purchased the Forex Killer there are a couple of things that you must pay attention to if you want to really see any of those profits other people make from using this great software.

Firstly, once you opened a trade in the direction that the Forex Killer software has indicated placed your stop loss and take profit target, even if the market begins to move against you do not adjust your stop loss. If on the other hand the market simply moves to your take profit point simply take your profit and prepare yourself for another trade, do not let greed get the best of you.

Secondly, when the Forex Killer gives a NO TRADE signal, remember that staying out of the market is also a position. A trader does not need to constantly be in the market as there are times when you need to stand aside and wait for the next tide.

After all said and done the Forex Killer Software will generate the signals for you, but your attitude to trading will determine how far you will get.