Most of beginner forex traders are starting their trading without any clue. Most of them are attracted to dive in this investment area because they have hearing too much about how profitable this huge global market and how easy to take an advantages from it.

Finding his/her self clueless, beginner traders start to looking some trustable guide to lead their way climbing the golden mountain of forex. Some may success, and other may not. Those who hasn’t made their decision asking a question,’do i need to take a forex course or not?’…

As we are all know, nowadays, there are a lot of people (usually an expert forex traders) and company (brokers or another financial services) are offering a package of forex course to public — especially new comers in forex trading. It is more hard to choose when there are a lots of choice are offered. At this article, firstly I’ll give a short (hopefully it will useful) answer concerning with the question why we should take a forex course, and secondly i’ll try to share some information (more alike recomendation) to pick one of them.

Why Should Take a Forex Course

1. There are a lots of book which available for us to teach us every single aspect of the forex market. It’s true that we can learn about currency, forex market, forex trading, technical analysis and other detailed side of forex from reading a book. But not everyone can do self learning.

2. When we’re developing some trading method or system, we can’t be 100% objective in evaluating that certain method or system which applied in our forex trading system. No matter how good we are, there are always a missing puzzles from our sight. Have you ever wonder why a professional sportsmen have a coach?

3. Experiences are unique for every traders, and the only way to learn someone else experience is by creating such of interaction with them — in this case is by joining their course — so that he/she are willing to share it with us.

4. Considering that forex trading consists of many aspects, someone may have lack of time to learn forex trading without any clue about which ones is important and which is not.

Which Forex Course Should I Take

There is no best course in forex trading. Every course are have its own pros and cons compared to another. Here’s a little checklist to pick a good forex course:

1. Psychologically, people learning characteristic are mainly divided into 3 types:

  • Verbal type learner: this type of people are those who which best accepting an information through a verbalic environmental learning — speaking and hearing.
  • Visual type learner: this type of people are those who which best accepting an information through a visualization environmental learning — watching and reading.
  • Motion type learner: this type of people are those who which best accepting an information through a motional example — watching then imitating
  • A good forex course is the ones who covered all of three aspect described above, which i.e by giving a package of reading, visual teaching and some interactive forum.

    2. A good forex course have a certain system to tought to traders, and has a good track record that shows that the system are profitable to be applied — it can be traced by asking about a particular course in som forex traders forum or by reading its subscribers testimonials.

    3. A good course will provide you with a good level of costumer sevices and should can be reached off-line for more detailed information or requesting personal assisting (as optional request).

    4. A good service will give some adequate time for us to keep the relation and interaction to make sure that we’ve rightly applying what they are taught us to; it can be several weeks or maybe several months, but absolutely NOT several days.

    Several days ago, I wrote about one of a good forex cource which I found along my trading journey in my blog. You can read more about it here []. Personally, I recommended that course as a considerable choice as I’ve experience it myself and found that its help me a lot in my forex trading. Lastly, i wish you a best luck in your forex trading future…

    Good Luck,



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