If you speak to a financial investor who played the market about twenty or thirty years ago, he might consider the Forex Megadroid a toy instead of a work tool. Well, one can hardly blame him, taking into consideration that it is a robot and the name suggests that it could be a playmate of children born into the present world, which seems to be ruled by technology.

Look beyond its name and you will find that the Forex Megadroid is no child’s play. It is packed with features that are sure to make the seasoned financial investor raise an eyebrow or two! Say goodbye to lengthy roles of paper filled with numbers, graphs and charts that need to be studied for hours prior to making a decision to invest. This paperless tool does it all for you. It is programmed to analyse numbers and all things related to the stock market. Next, it will trade for you and most of the time it is right. To date, the Forex Megadroid has registered a success rate of 95.82%.

‘What makes this work tool so incredibly accurate?’ you may ask. The answer lies in its unique artificial intelligence feature known as Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis or RCTPA. This programme is able to study the market and predict what will happen in the following two to four hours. This actually makes the robot a helpful work mate which can, with its advice, improve the way your shares perform in the market. Like most things in life, it will not give you instant success but with time and patience, you will see a steady stream of profits flowing in. It is portrayed as a long term investment that does not cost the world.

Not to be forgotten is its ability to be sensitive to market fluctuations. Many people believe that it only does well when the trends are positive. However, this robot has the power to detect when the market is doing poorly and may stop its trading and be quiet so as not to put your investments at risk.

Also, be assured that you will not have to share your so-called toy with anyone else especially brokers as it has been built to keep these individuals at bay. Hence, once you purchase the Forex Megadroid and download the programme, it will work for you and no one else. In many ways, after you become familiar with it, you may consider it your best pal. It does not skip work or ask for sick leave and has been known to produce excellent results.