The Forex market is a market that is determined by demand and supply. The market cannot be controlled by the traders or forced in a particular direction. The market conditions are conditions the traders have to accept. They have to plan their trading in connection to the conditions and be in control over themselves.

Traders in control over themselves have a strategy and a goal. They trade in their “own best interest” and the goals they have set are realistic, attainable and measurable. In their mind they have been through the trades. An example could be how to enter a trade and how to trust that the trading rules are reliable.

My focus in this article is to describe how a visualization technique can improve a trader's skill and make him better to enter a trade.

Visualization is a technique that visualizes a situation. It could be in all kinds of life matters. The purpose is to change bad habits or a process. In this article the purpose is how to enter a trade on the online platform when the trading rules are refilled.

As the purpose is to change a bad habit or a process the self-image the person has had to be changed. A self-image is a picture all human beings have of themselves in their mind. It is a picture that is built on experiences and beliefs in life. The picture controls our behavior in all life matters.

A self-image could be that we trust rules that are set. An example could be rules in a Forex trade. If the primary indicator is the Bollinger Bands and the secondary indicator is the stochastic the rules could be that a trade is entered if the candlesticks touch the lower standard deviation, the currency pair is oversold and the candlesticks turn green.

If we do not trust the rules we have set and start to watch the currency curve development we will miss the trade. To improve our trust we have to convince our mind that we can trust the rules. A technique to convince our mind could be visualization.

Using a visualization technique is to see the real situation through a theater play in your mind. An example could be pretending a development in a trade from the entry point to the exit point. It is important the picture is as detailed as possible. The clear the picture is the better the changes are to reach the goal as it is easier to see the goal if the picture is clear.

The best result is if the people who use the technique believes full in what he or she visualizes and practices the technique on a daily basis. Science has shown that people who used visualization in 21 days in a row felt changes in their self-image.

The answer to how a visualization technique can improve a trader's skill and make him better to enter a trade is that he goes through a trade from the entry point to the exit point in a theater play in his mind and sees how the rules are trustworthy. The trade should illustrate how the entry gain a profit as the trader should feel comfortable entering the trade. It is also important that the trade is as detailed as possible. The trade could be a real life experience or a trade that is made up. If it is difficult to picture yourself in your mind a solution could be to place a person you like.