If you've been trading or playing around on the Forex market for a while and even if you consider yourself as a beginner, you should know by now that sticking to a Forex system is part and parcel of your real deal to make money and big returns.

Let's take that a step further, stop loss is the center of any profitable Forex system.

Let me explain this Forex system.

From my experience, my stop loss is my favorite weapon to protect my profits from losing money and it gets even better if you use a dynamic strategy. Because you can easily move up dynamically that stop loss level, according to the identified positive trend, to raise your stop loss from a lower level to a higher level and that's how when your exit signal is hit by a sudden movement, you make far bigger money than initially.

This Forex system is really astonishing.

Clearly, it means you can avoid potential disaster to gain next to nothing… or to trade like a true master with an optimized gain by cutting your losers short and letting the winners running…

But here's the best news, with an even better Forex system: the dual stop loss.

We need 2 simple parameters to activate our strategy. We have seen the first parameter: our exit signal is activated by the price of the currency pair hitting our selected price level.

The second parameter is based on the moving average, convergence divergence or MACD. This is an indicator you have to use in your live Forex chart with a short time period of about 5 days. And here we are, the second stop loss is activated when the MACD crosses back his zero signal line.

Quite simply this dual stop loss strategy of one of my best Forex system in action, I'd learned with S. Wade Hansen and John Jargerson, is to protect me from brutal reverse of the trend and to activated my exit signal as early as possible when the move is definitely over. I retain bigger profits and you should also like that too.

How to take advantage of this now if you have not yet mastered this Forex system?


Yes, you can start trading like a pro with all the best automated Forex trading system like the one we have just talked together.