The ForexAutomoney system has been live for four years now. With such amazing claims, it’s easy to be highly suspicious of about their product. Is it right for you? It just might be, but it’s important that you remain cautious and find a good ForexAutomoney review.

As a member, the first thing you receive is a free trading strategy as well as their famous intraday signals. The ForexAutomoney claim is that you will easily make thousands of dollars a day in Forex just by using their strategy and their software. This is true! However, here’s the catch. They say that you can do this easily just by pressing a few buttons, however you following their system without understanding it will lead to trouble.

Something that’s particularly concerning, is the testimonials listed on their website. If you check the photos carefully, you’ll notice that they used stock photos. You would think that if they are really making people make thousands of dollars, they could find people who would offer a real picture. With something so misleading, it’s a bit difficult to trust their software.

However, while this is disheartening, it doesn’t totally discredit the product they offer. Their signals will help you make important decisions on what and when to trade. However, do not trust blindly. Make sure you are completely in the know before you do anything. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of money.

The absolute best thing about ForexAutomoney is that the fee to join is very low. As of right now, you can join for under five dollars for a trial membership. If it’s not for you, cancel, otherwise it’s under $100 per month.

The monthly fee for ForexAutomoney is pretty expensive compared to the alternative products. However, if you join and find that you’re earning more than you’re spending than the fee is well worth it. Your best option is to join for the trial, see what it’s all about, and decide if it’s right for you.

While ForexAutomoney clearly makes a lot of claims that won’t be kept, the potential for incredible profits is still exists. There are still some big concerns about this product and it is quite expensive for what is offered. With this ForexAutomoney Review in mind, your best bet is to be careful and consider some of the other Forex products first.