If you have been around Forex trading for some time you might have heard about James de Wet. This south-african trader has been trading the markets for many years, and now he is teaching others how to do it, through the Internet.

James de Wet has many published ebooks about Forex trading, plus several trading systems developed by himself. One of the most successful and well known is the G7 Trading System. It uses hourly candles plus an additional weekly chart, which is used to determine the weekly trading direction. Anothe one, with 5 min candles, is the E75, based on trend breaking.

In addition to the e-book, James de Wet is offering live trading sessions twice a week, in which he trades his real account live, showing everyone every single trade he takes. But this is not like a traditional Forex signal system, because he explains the reason behind every trade, plus answers any questions that might rise during the live trading session.

This is particularly good for beginners in Forex, because of the many doubts that arise when you are a novice. Is this a real signal? Should I take profit now or wait a little bit longer? Enter now or wait for the next retracement? What should be my optimal risk/ratio reward?

In every session, he has a daily objective, and he sticks to it, so there will be not trading for the sake of trading, which in the end does more harm than good. James de Wet has been around in trading long enough to know how dangerous greed can be for the forex trader. One of his mottos is “better miss a trade than take one for no reason”.

On May last year, he started a challenge: taking his live account from $1800 to $50,000 in 14 months. And believe it or not, he is on track! He has been doing it in front of everyone, explaining every single trade he has taken.

These days he is offering a 30 day trial for just $4.95, which gives you access to 2 weekly trading sessions (they are recorded in case you can't attend it), plus e-mail alerts, which he sends every day straight to your inbox as soon as there is a clear entrance signal.

If you want to get a experienced mentor who can help you improve your Forex trading skills, do not hesitate to contact James de Wet, he will be more than glad to help you. Not that it will help improve your trading skills, but he also has a great sense of humour, what makes seminars with him a little bit more entertaining.

If you are interested in taking your Forex trading to the next level, you can find a more detailed review here: James de Wet G7 System