But if you’re unsure which model to invest in, the amount of choice out there can be confounding.

If you’re new to the world of online trading, don’t be conned by salesmen using tricky terminology to try and get you to buy their products. There are a number of innovative features to look out for, and it pays to have a little knowledge behind you in before you can hope to get the most out of your Forex charts.

It’s best to invest in a minimal cost micro trading account at first so that you can assess whether or not it is the right one for you. Most providers will have a refund time frame, so if the product doesn’t meet your satisfaction you won’t have lost out. It’s always a good idea to read through a company’s terms and conditions before committing to anything.

It goes without saying that purchasing a low-cost robot is the best way to test its efficiency for yourself – by doing this you’ll gain an idea of your expected overall profit and find out whether it’s the right one to invest in long term.

However, if you’re nervous or unsure – or simply don’t know where to start, you may need some additional guidance.

If you’re inexperienced, try to find one that offers ‘user-friendly’ software, and don’t hesitate to contact the technical support team of your provider for assistance. They should be able to provide you with a helpful after-sales service to help you get you off the ground.

It may sound obvious, but the main thing you’ll want to consider when seeking a Forex robot is the results it produces. The web is an invaluable resource when it comes to digging up independent tests, and you can find all sorts of operations performed by from thousands of providers to ascertain the performance of their automatic systems, so it’s important to look through these as a starting point.

One key thing to look out for is the amount of profit and loss made after a particular period of time. It’s also advisable to find out the expected profit per transaction. This information should be readily supplied by a provider before you invest, but if not, you may need to seek advice elsewhere.

In order to gain some insight into which product will best serve you, you may wish to contact an independent advisor to provide you with analysis of the best models, as well as purchasing advice. An independent advisor should be able to show you a chart to compare the performance of each robot provided by a number of different companies, and can be found online by operating a Google search.

You’ll also want to find out the expected draw down, as well as the risk to reward ratio. If you’re unable to find this data elsewhere, you may need to rely on customer reviews to deliver the information you need.

Have a look through the website of your chosen provider to see if there are any customer reviews or testimonials on their robots. Bear in mind that companies are trying to sell through these websites, so they will often only display the good ones – or some may not actually be genuine.

To get a more accurate picture, have a look through some external review sites so you can compare customer feedback. By doing this, you should get a better idea of which product to go for.