Forex trading is an investment that is gaining much popularity nowadays due to its fast profit taking as well as for its small start-up capital, convenience and flexibility in trading. Forex trading is all about making profit from the volatile movement of forex market. Armed with good and proven strategies, forex trading is an unquestionable financial tool to warrant good profit taking.

The first step before trading forex is to equip oneself with the knowledge and skills. This can be easily achieved by enrolling in a good forex course. The course is usually conducted by professional traders with vast experience in this field and are willing to share their knowledge and skills.

Practical or hands-on sessions in a forex course are beneficial as these sessions enable beginners to apprehend not only on how to operate the trading platform but more importantly the forex market itself.

These practical sessions helps beginners to comprehend the forex market in terms of

• Familiarization with the software – although most software is user friendly, it is always better and definitely faster to have professionals to teach on the usage. It would save much time rather than having to explore and learn the functions on our own.

• The market movement – it is important for beginners to understand the movement of various currency pairs from the charts used. These charts provide the trending of the market. Anticipating the market trend is the gist of profit taking. Therefore, it is essential for beginners to fully understand the strategies to capture the market trend and therefore execute the entry and exit point. Also, beginners must comprehend the movement of currency pairs at different frames such as 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour and daily. The market movement of one time frame differs from another and therefore different strategies may have to be adopted.

• Buying and selling in forex differs slightly from stock market – a stock is purchased at a lower price and then sold off at a higher price to take profit. However, in forex trading, for instance using a MetaTrader 4 platform, when a buy trade is executed, it must not be sold to exit the deal. Instead the deal has to be closed in order to exit the trade. If a sold was executed instead of a close, then it is considered as another trade. Therefore, for beginners who are well versed with stock market has to be aware of this factor.