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Personal Finance
Which kids get more face time with their teacher? The answer could depend on their parents’ wallet

Long-term impacts of the switch to virtual learning are unknown, Georgetown researchers say.

Last-minute strategies for lowering your 2020 business tax bill

It’s not too late to cut last year’s tax bill.

Majority of jobless Americans chose going back to work over receiving the extra $600 unemployment benefit

New research by the JPMorgan Chase Institute suggests that supplemental unemployment benefits did not discourage people from returning to work.

‘Black history is American history’: How to educate yourself and work toward racial equity this month (and beyond)

This February is both a celebration of Black history and ‘a rallying kind of moment,‘ one professor says.

Sorry, the IRS isn’t delaying the tax filing deadline this year

The IRS is still processing 6.7 million returns from last year.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
U.S. budget deficits to be near or above $1 trillion annually over next decade, Congressional Budget Office says

Annual U.S. federal budget deficits – the difference between what the government takes in and what it spends each year – are expected to remain close to $1 trillion or more over the next 10 years, the Congressional Budget Office said Thursday.

Are 20 million Americans really getting unemployment benefits? Don’t take it at face value

Are 20 million people collecting unemployment benefits? Is is 16 million? Is it a much lower figure? The truth is, no one knows exactly. Here's why the pandemic is causing so much confusion about the health of the labor market.

Disney earnings: Surge by Disney+ to nearly 95 million subscriptions leads to surprise profit

Walt Disney Co.'s streaming service, Disney+, proved again to be a big plus during a pandemic that has all but shuttered the Magic Kingdom's other businesses. And that has company shares up 2% in after-hours trading Thursday.

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