So you want to learn more about renko charts?

I can teach you what I know about these relatively new forex price charts. Are you ready?

A few years ago I was eager to find out more about renko charts. I spent countless hours scouring the internet and various forex trading websites in search of credible information which I could use. It was a very time-consuming task, but I wanted to know more about these “brand new” forex charts.

In a nutshell I learned 3 important secrets about these currency trading charts and I want to share them with you!

Grab a pen and get ready to jot down some very important information.

Secret #1 – I learned that people like you and me can download and use these charts for FREE!

Yes you can find forex renko charts available at most reputable forex brokers online. And you can use them for free if you is you simply open a demo account.

Secret #2 – Forex traders can easily identify key areas of support and resistance and they are better able to identify early price trend reversals!

The charts are comprised of “bricks” which are one of 2 different colors. A green or white brick suggests rising or bullish prices. And bearish prices are represented by either a red or white bricks.

Secret #3 – 95% of the frustration with renko trading lies with the belief of trading in the direction of the current renko bar.

For example, FX traders will see 3 or 4 green bullish bricks in a row and automatically assume this is a reason to “jump on the trend” and open a long trade. Want to eliminate 95% of the frustrations? Look for a simple renko bar pattern to form on your renko charts. These patterns repeat themself over and over for each currency pair.


So have you learned something new and exciting about these unique forex price charts? I am glad you and I got to spend a few minutes sharing my invaluable information with you.

BUT… INFORMATION alone is NOT ENOUGH! You need to do something right now with your newly acquired information. And that is…


Applied knowledge combined with your desire is a very powerful tool to finding success. You can find success with trading forex with renko charts by combining the information you have learned here with your willingness to take immediate action.