Major indices recover off session lows

The major indices close lower for the 3rd straight day. However the indices closed well off there lows for the day.

Highlights include

  • S&P and NASDAQ on track for weekly gain
  • Dow on track for its 1st losing week in 3 weeks
  • Healthcare was the worst sector while energy was the strongest
  • The Dow was down -332 point at the low
  • The S&P index was down -47.78 points at the lows
  • The NASDAQ was down -219.63 points
  • S&P and NASDAQ close 3% below its all-time high
  • Dow closes 4% below its all-time high
  • Dow is still negative on the year (-0.16%). The NASDAQ is up 30.55% while the S&P is up 7.82% year-to-date. 

The final numbers are showing:

  • the S&P index fell -5.33 points or -0.15% at 3483.34. The high price reached 3489.08. The low price extended to 3440.89
  • the NASDAQ index fell 54.858 points or -0.47% at 11713.82. The high price reached 11740.68. The low price extended to 11559.10
  • the Dow industrial average fell -19.8 points or -0.07% at 28494.26. The high price reached to 28535.85. The low price extended to 28181.54.

In the European markets today, the major indices move lower with the Italy FTSE MIB down -2.77%. The Spain's Ibex was the least hit at -1.44%. The German DAX fell by 2.49%

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