Dow industrial average leads the way

The major indices are opening higher. With the S&P and NASDAQ index is trading to new record highs. The Dow industrial average is leading the 3 with a gain of around 0.5%.

A snapshot of the indices currently shows:

  • S&P index up 18 points or 0.46% at 3889
  • NASDAQ index up 34 points or 0.25% at 13813
  • Dow industrial average up 177 points or 0.56% the 31226

in other markets:

  • spot gold is trading up $5.50 or 0.31% at $1800
  • spot silver is trading up $0.22 or 0.86% $26.57
  • WTI crude oil futures are up $0.97 or 1.73% of $57.20. The high price reached $57.29
  • bitcoin is trading up $450 or 1.19% at $38120

the US dollar has gone weaker since the employment release. It remains just above the JPY as the weakest of the major currency pairs. The AUD is the strongest. 

The jobs report took a little steam out of the yield rise. The 10 year yield move down to 1.127%,. It is currently trading at 1.148%.  The 30 year backed off to 1.92% and currently trades at 1.94%. The high yield reached just below the 2.0% level at 1.985% for the 30 year bond

The US yields have moved back down and are mixed currently

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