Russell index falls -2.76%. The NASDAQ index was -2.11%

The major indices tumbled once again with the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 index leading the way to the downside. Feds Powell's interview with the Wall Street Journal did not help hope that the Fed chair would look to talk down (or act on) the higher long-term rates. That did not happen.  

  • The Dow industrial fell -722 point at the lows or -2.31%
  • The NASDAQ index turned down on the year (the 3 day decline has seen the index declined -6.506% That is the March 3 day decline since September 3)
  • The Nasdaq fell  -3.41% at the lows 
  • The S&P fell -2.52% at the lows
  • The Russell 2000 index fell -4.42% the lows

At the close the major indices did recover some of the losses but still remains sharply lower on the day:

  • S&P index fell -51.25 points or -1.34% at 3768.47
  • NASDAQ index fell -274.27 points or -2.11% at 12723.47
  • Dow industrial fell -345.95 points or -1.11% at 30924.14
  • the Russell index fell -60.87 points or -2.76% at 2146.92

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