Trading is sometimes a risky business. Financial analysts and traders have to keep ahead on the types of stocks that their company or individuals are constantly trading. Real time financial software makes trading easier for you or your company. Many different types of financial trading software exist on the market. In order for you to keep ahead of the competition and not be left behind, you need to figure out the type of financial trading software which is right for you. One of the types of financial trading software that this article will strive to evaluate for real time trading is MetaStock.

If you want to have real time access to the stocks from a reliable data center (Thomson Reuters, who is the producer of the Reuters news service), MetaStock is your correct choice. MetaStock comes in three different platforms. MetaStock is for end of day traders. MetaStock ProFX is for currency traders. And, MetaStock Pro is for real-time traders. Along with the individual MetaStock software, data solutions are integrated for the software. Reuters Datalink is for the regular MetaStock software. QuoteCenter FX is compatible for MetaStock ProFX. And, QuoteCenter is utilized for MetaStock Pro. The three different software platforms manufactured by Equis are versatile to the investor or for the financial analyst. The MetaStock platform is available for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. One of the powerful software platforms available for currency trading is MetaStock ProFX. MetaStock ProFX has many features to exchange currency throughout the world and FOREX (foreign exchange) markets. Some of the incentives that MetaStock ProFX offers is twenty-four hour trading (from evenings on Sundays to Friday nights), liquid markets, and commission free trading. With MetaStock ProFX, you can trade currency from home. Since the FOREX market is large, you are flexible in what currency you trade. MetaStock has currency exchange rates, which are constantly updated.

You can incorporate QuoteCenter FX, which has real-time trades for currency and data feeds. Some of the information contained by QuoteCenter FX is over thirty years old. Analytical information, such as graphs, indicators, and more are available with QuoteCenter FX. QuoteCenter FX can work with MetaStock Pro FX to gain information on the FOREX markets at work and at home. Along with MetaStock Pro FX, QuoteCenter FX is powerful software which you can operate. Some of the features QuoteCenter FX includes are international data from Thomson Reuters, data from FOREX markets, free online training, market depth, symbol lists that can quickly be loaded and expert advisors that generate trade signals.