As a professional trader, I have tried many forex systems, some are very good but some have their own bugs. There are very few out there that can easily double your account in less than 10 weeks or so. Spat forex system is one of them. At just 35% ROI per month consistently, you will double your account easily. It is one of the simplest strategies to make huge money if you understand how it works.

What is spat system? This is an acronym for simple price action trading system. It is a very powerful but yet simple price action strategy. As you know, or about to know that price action is basic strategy majority of the successful traders used to make money consistently. Without price action, you will never make money from the market consistently.

Spat system has a higher degree of probability because its trade decisions are based on price action, trend and momentum of a trending market to make money. It is not based on preconceived opinions, robots and makes believe. You will enter the market with less emotion.

This is one of the systems that you can set and forget by using less than ten minutes daily based on daily time frame. That means that you don’t need to sit all day long on your system to watch every tiny move of forex price. If your trading system is like that, you won’t go far in the industry before you blow off your account. This is because emotions will ruin your thinking. This is not good for a good trader who wants to go far. It is easy to make up to 700 pips monthly if you understand how it works. Since it combines price action, momentum and trending market to generate signal, it is easy to see what other professionals see, think and trade all the time. Even if you make a mistake, it has a way to put you back into right frame of mind.