House leader Pelosi speaking

As the Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi talks about a stimulus package, the US stocks have moved to a new session highs. 

  • The S&P index rose to 3465.45. It is currently up 1% at 3461
  • The NASDAQ index reached a high of 11592.48. It is currently trading at 11573, up 93 points or 0.82%
  • The Dow reached a high of 28503.15. It currently trades at 28452.  

Price action is volatile. The speaker says that differences still exist on state and local aid and on liability provisions.

Although there was a spike higher, some of those gains are being retraced as more specifics about the differences sound like more of the same. The speaker and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin are scheduled to talk at 3 PM ET. Any deal is also contingent on the GOP senators


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