The international currency market Forex – is a global inter-bank market, which provides services to the commission deals with the currency and the implementation of the various foreign exchange transactions. Today, the Forex market is a telecommunications network, which participants are both physical and legal persons. Every day millions of transactions in the currencies of various countries around the world pass through the auction of this international exchange.

In the Forex market there is such a thing as “Forex arbitrage “, which represents a specific algorithm for a financial transaction. With it, you can get revenue from the resale of money. All you need to – take into account the fluctuation of the exchange rate at different times of day within one or more markets.

There are several types of Forex arbitrage:

Temporal Forex arbitrage – based on the difference in rates of currency pairs at different times during the day, it is most common in the Forex market.

Cross-Forex arbitrage operates on the principle of simultaneous synchronous changes in exchange rates in the two pairs of units, for example, USD / EUR and GBP / USD. Such cross-rates are most often used by traders to carry out financial transactions with currency and profit from the difference occurred.

Interbourse Forex arbitrage (version 2) basically relies on the difference of exchange rates, which is present on several stock exchanges, but his conduct in the existing conditions of the Exchange is very difficult.

In addition, Forex arbitrage can be simple or complex. In case of the complex Forex arbitrage, you should carefully monitor the dynamics of exchange rates of participating in the auction. Trading on Forex arbitrage version 2: 1 is a more simple form of interaction and is most common for financial transactions. The need for arbitration in the first place is to conduct forward transactions for buying and selling foreign currency options. Option must be implemented, and its terms and conditions depend on the type and the mandatory provisions of the signed contract

In general, the choice of trading strategy depends on many factors to consider when participating in the forex markets. Extreme caution should be taken as most traders seem to lose money rather than make money in the forex markets. Over 90% of retail traders (those who don’t trade with or for Banks) actually lose money in forex, so this statistic should tell you that you cannot go into the forex markets without a solid game plan for your trading.