The forex legacy is a newly launched forex trading system created by Dan Miller. It makes some bold claims – such as it takes traders 17 minutes to be up to speed on his revolutionary techniques. I just had to try it. Here is my take on it.

What Makes Forex Legacy Different From Other Systems?

The reason most traders fail is because the trading system they are using is to complex. They spend hours over analysing every single degree – and the result is a lot of confusion. Dan Miller realised this and in creating Forex Legacy ensured that even the ‘greenest’ fx trader could be up to speed very quickly. In terms of what you get with Forex Legacy – its pretty basic. Its simply a blueprint which details step-by-step Dan’s methods and how to apply them for pretty much instant profits. I was expecting a little bit more substance in terms of materials – but there are some nice bonuses bundled in there to sweeten the deal.

Another unique addition to the system is membership to the total profits club – an online forex community which can really make the difference for a new trader. This kind of mentorship is ongoing and will definitely make a difference to your trading ability.

How Accurate Is It?

Dan Miller claims that using his exact methods will result in 85% accuracy. I personally think this is a slightly inflated figure – after 10 trades following his methods I was about 75% accurate. Having said that I have some experience in foreign exchange, so probably in hindsight I did not follow his guidance completely. Either way any forex system you are considering using which has an accuracy of more than 80% is generally a pretty safe bet.


At the end of the day Forex Legacy is not an earth-shattering trading system – its actually really simple and basic. There are no flashy gimmicks here – just a straight forward mechanical system which works time after time. It’s worth considering specifically if you are a forex newbie.