The pair stays above the 100 hour MA but below swing area and the upper extreme

The GBPUSD is waffling back and forth near the highs, but below the recent highs.  The high for the week reached 1.33117. The high from last week reached 1.33094.  That double top is a key ceiling that if broken, should open the door to the upside. Ahead of the highs, is an interim swing area between 1.32768 to 1.31912. The high today respected that high area.

On the downside, the 100 hour MA comes in at 1.32444 (and rising). There is a swing area between 1.3233 to 1.32444.  

With the price above the 100 hour MA the choppy tilt technically is to the upside. However, the swing area and the double top remains hurdles that need to be broken.  

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