Is it ideal to be trading on all twenty four hours of the day, seven days a week, thirty one days a month, three hundred sixty five days a year? Most newbie traders do not know that if you plan to maximize your earning opportunities by taking on this strategy, it will never work. This is why I appreciate having the Forex Megadroid which does not trade on all imaginable hours without considering market conditions and trends.

Of course, one of the main reasons why traders buy and make use of a Forex trading robot is the fact that they cannot be at the computer twenty four hours a day. You definitely do not want to come from a full time job and then hope to trade the Tokyo/Sydney trading session. Although there is nothing wrong with this if you decide to do so but having a Forex trading robot in situations like this will certainly come handy. With the Forex Megadroid, as long as you keep your computer on, then your Expert Advisor can execute live trades for you. Even if you have your computer turned off, you can still do live trading with a virtual private server. But again, your profit does not depend on having more hours doing live trading. More hours doing live trading will never guarantee sure profits.

If you do not have the Forex Megadroid, at least have your Forex trading robot stopped on certain hours so it does not do live trading for all twenty four hours in a day. There are certainly preferred hours on a given day when it is most profitable to trade and then there are hours when it is best that you stay put on the market sidelines. For traders who are based in the United States and Europe, it is not such a bad idea to be on the sidelines on the Tokyo/Sydney trading sessions so if your Forex trading robot is unlike the Forex Megadroid but it is like a nonstop live trade machine gun, shut it off during these hours. You should know that the Tokyo/Sydney trading sessions are the least volatile so it does not generate much of a change of hands on these hours.

One good thing I appreciate about the Forex Megadroid is the fact that it can still choose to do live trading at any hour, as soon as it meets optimum market conditions. You no longer have to map out a schedule for your robot if you have the Forex Megadroid because it will automatically regulate the number of trades it invests in so that it remains undetected by Forex brokers. As long as the Forex Megadroid encounters strong trends for a winning trade, it will execute it on autopilot.