Dow rises modestly

The US major broad indices closed solidly higher on the day.

The gains were led by the Nasdaq index which rose by 1.53%. A look at the closing numbers shows:

  • S&P index rose 30.66 points or 0.81% to 3798.93
  • Nasdaq index rose 198.67 points or 1.53% 13197.30
  • The more narrowly focused Dow 30 index rose by 116.26 points or 0.38% to 30930.51.
  • The Russell 2000 small Index rose 26.79 points or 1.26% to 2150


  • Dow rises for the first time in 4 days (3 day losing streak)
  • S&P and NASDAQ index snapped a two day slide

After the close Netflix reported 

  • Streaming paid net change of 8.51 million users. That was much better than the 6.06 million users estimate.  
  • Guidance for the 1st quarter is for a net paid change of 6.0 million vs. estimate of 7.45 million
  • Revenues came in at $7.13 billion vs. estimate $7 billion
  • Earnings-per-share came in at $1.19 vs. $1.39 estimate
  • Netflix sees 1st quarter ECB of $2.97 vs. $2.12 estimate
  • Say that they will explore ongoing stock buybacks

the stock is is trading sharply higher to $554.32 in after- hour trading. The stock closed at $501.77.
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