WI yield at auction time 1.839%

  • High yield 1.825%
  • WI yield at auction time 1.839%
  • Bid to cover ratio 2.47x vs six-month average of 2.31x
  • Dealers 14.2% vs six-month average of 22.4%
  • Directs 17.2% vs. six-month average of 14.1%
  • Indirects 68.6% vs. six-month average of 63.4%

The auction grade is an “A”.  The high yield was through the WI yield at 1.839% (by -1.4%). The bid to cover at 2.47X was much higher than the 6-month average at 2.31x.  The Dealers only took 14.2% vs a 6 month average of 22.4%.  

The move higher in yield seen recently attracted good response from buyers in the 10 year yesterday and the 30 year today.  

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