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How these teens are having fun in today’s stock market, and, for the most part, making money

They have been trading longer than many adults, and are learning valuable lessons about investing early. MarketWatch speaks to four teenagers who are taking on the markets.

Is your income just over the threshold for the $1,400 stimulus check? Tax preparers give tips to help you qualify

‘There are only two tax codes in the world: One for the informed and one for the uniformed,' one adviser says.

‘Would you consider working for me?’ Clubhouse, the invite-only social network, is a hotbed for job interviews

‘One of the massive benefits of Clubhouse is you can actually hear the real person — not a CV,' said one recruiter.

America has seen a ‘nationalization of leases’ — and it could hurt renters amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Leases increasingly include terms that are unfriendly to tenants, according to a recent study.

‘It is simply not possible.’ Calls for tax deadline extension mount as accountants say they can’t do everything by April 15

Meanwhile, Americans are filing their taxes at a brisk pace, IRS data show.

‘One of the largest anti-poverty bills in recent history’ — what the $1.9 trillion COVID bill means for families with kids

Alongside $1,400 stimulus checks and more unemployment benefits, the $1.9 trillion financial stimulus package passed in the Senate broadens the Child Tax Credit’s eligibility and makes the credit’s payouts more generous.

My wife spent $50K on cosmetic procedures. It horrifies me to see so much money being blown on something so frivolous’

‘She has paid for all this with her income, and she is frugal in other ways.’

What can you do after you are fully vaccinated? The CDC finally has an answer

Fully-vaccinated people don't need to quarantine even if they've been exposed to someone who has contracted COVID-19 as long as they aren't experiencing symptoms, according to new CDC guidelines.

‘This is a significant amount of money’: COVID-19 relief bill would send nearly $170 billion to schools

Grade schools and colleges will have access to the funds if the bill passed by the Senate becomes law.

Why you may want to wait before filing your taxes this year

With President Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan, your 2020 tax return has become a moving target.

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The economy is ready to rip after stimulus and faster coronavirus vaccinations

A U.S. economy deeply scarred by the coronavirus is ready to rip again after getting a pair of new lifelines.

Here’s who will get $1,400 stimulus checks with House set to approve $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill

There is a change in who's getting stimulus checks in Washington's next big relief package, as President Joe Biden has agreed to new income limits.

Biden stimulus will give a major boost to the global recovery, OECD says

The world economy is on track to be back to its pre-pandemic level by the middle of the year thanks to the $1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus package, the OECD said on Tuesday.

Senate probes Robinhood business model at GameStop hearing

The Senate Banking Committee began its public probe of the GameStop saga on Tuesday, with Democrats and Republicans staking out opposing positions on the value and dangers of a new retail trading landscape characterized by firms like Robinhood that offer no-commission trades and easy-to-use smartphone applications.

Small businesses are less anxious, NFIB finds, but suffer from uneven recovery

The anxiety of small-business owners eased in February, a new survey shows, but they are still wrestling with the aftereffects of the recent coronavirus spike and an uneven economic recovery.

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