NFTs and US taxes: What you should know

Seems like we now all have stories starting with, “What I did during the pandemic…” Most begin with cleaning out the closet and, hey, guess what? That’s where my story starts, but I bet you can’t guess where it ends!

Let’s start with what I found in that closet: family photos before the days of digital. I know — memories of boring trips with the kids and people who I either owe money to or who don’t talk to me anymore!

Sam Handwerger is a full-time lecturer of accounting, tax and fraud topics at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is a practicing CPA with the Maryland-based CPA firm Handwerger, Cardegna, Funkhouser & Lurman, where he specializes in various areas of taxation. Previously, Sam was a senior tax researcher with Ernst & Young in New York City and later led the tax planning and preparation departments of Handwerger, Cardegna, Funkhouser & Lurman. Before joining the Smith School on a full-time basis, Handwerger held adjunct positions at the Johns Hopkins University School of Business and the University of Baltimore Law School.